What’s Next? Life After Race Training

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Does anyone else feel like they’re unbalanced once race training is over?

(And no, I don’t mean physically unbalanced!)


That race date was on the calendar for months and you had a steady plan for success to make that goal. You ran your fastest and then, suddenly, it’s over. You have a medal draped around your neck and a crowd cheering around you at the finish line.

And while you smile through the pain, you can’t help but wonder… well… what’s next?

I’ll admit that these past few weeks since the race have been disappointing as far as workouts go. I wasn’t prepared for the amount of recovery I would need. Then I became frustrated with my lack of strength in my yoga classes and how winded I was after my next long run post-race. Sure, I felt forgiveness for myself after those moments, but I still noticed.

Then throw in the Thanksgiving holidays, a crazy work schedule (my ecommerce projects understandably get insane this time of year), fighting off a cold, and working in our church’s Bethlehem Walk drama after work – and where did my workout times go? When does “recovery” time become a revert back on progress?

For me, planning my December workout schedule (more to come later about this!) and reviewing my 2017 Goals list again will help me see how I can finish my year strong. I can’t wait to share them here!

How do you keep your ship afloat and your mindset steady through the tempest of the holiday season? What’s the motivation that keeps you moving one foot forward towards the next race, the next goal?

What do you think?

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