Hüma Gels: Approved All-Natural Fuel

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Last Saturday, I ran in my very first Half Marathon! It’s a huge milestone for my wellness journey and I crossed that finish line a solid 12 minutes below my goal (came in at 2:18:01).

How did I fuel my race?

Enter: the deliciously all-natural Hüma Gels.

Before finding Hüma, I was wary of any sports gels because of the bad reputation they get – chock full of caffeine and chemicals and unnatural additives. But back in September when I was at the local running store buying some new race shoes, I started talking about the Half with the store clerk and she asked me what I would be using to fuel my race. Of course, I had no idea! I was right at six miles for my distance runs and getting to those hour-long sessions. I needed to figure it out. Nothing new on race day, right?

So I started searching for all-natural energy gels and my only criteria was that I had to recognize every word in the ingredients list. It didn’t take me long to find Hüma Gels and I was very impressed with their products and the clarity of their ingredients. I ordered a variety pack that night!

Most of their gels are fruit-based but they also make a couple of other flavors including Chocolate and Cafe Mocha. Because of the all-natural ingredients, most of the gels are not caffeinated (which I liked) but their lineup also includes a few naturally caffeinated gels, too. My biggest concern was about the texture since they are fueled by chia seeds (would they be grainy or chewy?), but to my surprise they were a smooth consistency and went down very easily. They never bothered my stomach and the packaging was easy to open up on the move. As per the instructions on the gel packs, I took one 15 minutes before any distance run and then consumed another gel every 30-45 minutes while running.

The Verdict?

Overall, I found my distance days improving and I had more energy to push through my workout. I enjoyed the flavors of Hüma Gels and felt good about the fact that I wasn’t adding more junk to my system. For those runners who prefer their sports gels to taste like candy, these may not be for you – they are sweet to this paleo girl’s palate, but not sugary-sweet. They do include cane sugar if that’s something you are avoiding. But for all you vegan, gluten-free, or paleo runners out there, go check them out!

PS – If you’re worried about buying a big box before knowing if you like them, Hüma has a great deal on their website where you can buy a 2-pack of their top-selling flavors (Strawberries and Lemonade!) and not spend a whole lot of money on a new product.

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