How to Track Your Food During the Whole30 {Free Download!}

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I’ve tried and failed multiple times in my life to keep a handwritten food journal. It was suggested to me by many doctors while I worked through my own gut health and food intolerance issues, but the habit didn’t stick. However, when I was preparing for my Whole30 experience, I knew that I would have to track my meals and symptoms in a food journal in order to do the program justice.

How I Got the Food Journal Habit to Stick

I realized that I was already researching new recipes online almost every day during the Whole30. Didn’t it make more sense for me to keep an online food journal too?

At work, I use Google Docs on a daily basis, so I chose to use it for my food journal, too. It’s a great way to directly link back to food blog recipes I used during my Whole30. I can also sign in and keep logging my food during work instead of typing it into a Draft email to myself!

What’s Included in the Tracker?

Here’s a sneak peek of a typical Daily entry:


Over the years, I’ve expanded my Whole30 Food Tracker template to include other non-food related items such as Workouts, Happiness, and Goals. This helps me record the whole picture of my month. Plus, every time I review my old food journals, I find the notes charming and inspiring.

If you’re struggling to track your eating or want some ideas for a food journal, click the button below! You can download a copy of the Google Doc or print it.

Download The Whole30 Food Journal Template Now

Then come back and share your Whole30 experiences with me in the comments – I’d love to hear all about your awesome food journey!

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