Happy 2-Year Wellness Day!

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Today is my 2-Year Wellness Birthday.

Two years ago on November 1, 2015, I decided to make a lifestyle change. No longer was I going to tolerate the neverending cycles of allergies and gut issues. I was tired of feeling “not right” or “not 100%.” I wanted answers that didn’t come in the form of antibiotics and steroids. So I embarked on a wellness journey that’s taken me to some pretty amazing places and taught me things about myself that I never would have believed.

Two years ago, I started my first elimination diet because I figured it couldn’t make things any worse. Today, I’m 2-years gluten-free and have embraced a mostly paleo lifestyle. And in 11 days, I am running in my first Half Marathon – something I wouldn’t have dreamed I would even want to do, much less participate in.

Last year, I shared this milestone on Facebook to commemorate the 1-year marking of a new era and was surprised to learn how many friends of mine have had similar experiences. And now, this year, I am here to share my experiences with the world.

Why a blog?

Blogging is old hat for me in a lot of ways – I’ve been blogging since college, both professionally and personally. I’m a writer at heart and work full-time at a software development company as a project manager. It’s fair enough to say I know my way around WordPress!

Secondly, I kickstarted my own wellness journey two years ago because of a blog post. In fact, you can still read the post on mindbodygreen that changed it all. The article resonated with me on a lot of levels and helped me understand the whole picture of my symptoms, some of which I hadn’t even associated to my ongoing allergies.

Over the past two years, I’ve found some amazing women out here in the blogosphere that continue to inspire me every day. So now I’m taking the plunge in hopes that I can try to live up to the high bar of expectations set by those wellness gurus.

Aren’t there enough wellness / paleo / [insert complaint here] blogs out there already?

Probably. Or maybe not. You tell me. What is going to be the one article that motivates someone to take the plunge and change his or her lifestyle? I can only hope that someone else out there finds resonance or inspiration from my words and starts a wellness journey, too.

What do you think?

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